Weekly Digest – 20 September 2023

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The unprecedented transfer of wealth and transformation in Canadian family businesses

A significant transformation is on the horizon for Canadian family businesses, signalling an era of change and new thinking. With the next decade set to witness the largest capital transfer in Canadian history, today’s decisions will be pivotal in shaping the longevity and future of family enterprises nationwide.

Payroll taxes weigh on small businesses and cut take-home income for workers

Payroll taxes have increased in most Canadian provinces since 2019, further driving up the cost of doing business for employers and diminishing workers’ take-home income, according to a new report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

Ottawa summons major grocery CEOs to talk lowering food prices

The federal government is summoning the heads of Canada’s major grocery chains to Ottawa this fall to begin discussions on a plan to lower food costs for Canadians, as inflation continues to impact grocery bills.

Canadians undergoing a shift in news consumption habits amid Bill C-18 standoff: Report

new report by Vancouver-based communications agency Talk Shop found that since the enactment of Bill C-18, Canadians have been undergoing a major shift in how they access news online.

Brace yourself, Canada’s economy is weaker than you think

When the Bank of Canada held its interest rate steady last week it acknowledged the economy was slowing.  But by how much? The public mostly hears headline economic numbers, but when you look through the lens of population growth an even bleaker picture comes into focus.

Canada may re-evaluate immigration targets, says housing minister Sean Fraser

Canada Housing Minister and former Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has hinted that the federal government may consider changes to the country’s historically high immigration levels targets.

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